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"I wanted to let you know something very exciting that happened a couple of days after my session with you. I had to go to the grocery store and realized as I was putting my groceries in the car that I had just spent an hour shopping without any lower back pain. I didn't have to find a place to sit to relieve the pressure and I didn't have to use my arms to prop myself up on the grocery cart.  I haven't been able to do this since before my car accident.  What an accomplishment!  I now have a sense of normalcy when I go shopping.   I can't thank you enough!!!"  Jan K,   Montville Ct

"I came to Ellen after a co-worker told me about her experience. I knew nothing about this type of healing, but I was open and receptive to whatever she had to offer. I am 51 years of age and did have one issue that I wanted to address. Ellen guided me through a gentle and effective healing of this issue! I was also able to establish a connection with my deceased mother. I am so grateful for the session and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and get in touch with the many potential facets of their lives. 

Thank you  Ellen!"

Debra H.,  Niantic, CT

"My toe feels wonderful, and I have much less tightness in my shoulders. I was so impressed with the toe, as it really is great now after dealing with that pain for over 2 years.


I feel like telling everyone about the experience I had with you for my healing! Some people don't believe it, but that's up to them. I will tell as many people as I can because I really believe in you!"


Michele E.,  Pawcatuck, CT

"I find that I feel very calm inside, and  I also have noticed a boost in my confidence in general.  I feel I have some kind of direction now, and I am more hopeful about life since I've had the session.  Thank you both so much for your kind and loving work.  Bonnie R-Hartford"


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