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Services Offered

Group Regression Gatherings

This is a powerful and informative gathering utilizing group energy.  Physical comfort is very important, so please wear comfortable clothing.  From the moment you sign up for this event, your higher self begins working with you  to orchestrate and draw your attention to issues that may need healing.



I have you write a short list with up to 7 issues that you would like healed. The issues may be physical, emotional or relationship issues. Other issues to consider may be current life patterns or possible ancestral patterns that have played a role in your life such as addiction, poverty consciouness, abuse or physical diseases.





Everything that takes place for you at this gathering is orchestrated by your higher self. I spend time deeply relaxing you until you've reached a light trance state. You're  taken to meet your guide in the first segment. In the second segment, your guide leads you to a past life in which a core issue was created that is having a negative impact on your current life. For the last segment, I call in Source Consciousness (just like I do in private QHHT sessions) who will heal and remove the charge so that you will no longer be impacted. . .  bringing you full circle. 



Cost for Group Regression Gatherings


Group regressions run approximately 3-5 hours, and are dependent upon the number of people and the amount of sharing that takes place.

Cost per person is $75.00, with a 4 person minimum. If your group does not meet the minimum participant requirement, another option is to pay our minimum fee. 


Frequently Asked Questions:



Q. What if I feel as if I won't be able to see my Guide or Past Life?


A. Seeing is not important.   People get information in different ways, and any way that you receive it is right for you. Trusting and allowing are the most important qualities for this process. Be open and trust that on an energetic level you will receive exactly what you need from this process.


Q. What should I bring to the session?


A.. Being  comfortable is very important! Some people bring a light blanket. Be prepared to remove your shoes, so you may want to bring some socks. Energy work makes you thirsy, so don't forget a water bottle!


Q. How do I book a group session?


A. Call 860-446-1100 or email me at





Private QHHT Sessions

These sessions average 5-6 hours or longer and are for those who are in need of deep subconscious healing in the physical/emotional bodies. They have the potential to catalyze significant changes in your life. Includes a life review interview, hypnosis session exploring the subconscious guided by your higher self, healing by your higher self and a post session interview. During the 3 day gateway opening prior to a session,I spend 4-6 hours working with your lists and my teams in Spirit from the Realms of Christ Consiousness and above, working with your subconscious mind and your Higher Self, your energy field and soul wounds, and also include a "soul aspect retrieval" during the session.  These sessions are much more inclusive and far beyond an average QHHT session! Cost is $395.00 for 5-6 hour session and includes an MP3 recording of the hypnosis session. Must be at least 16 years old to participate with parental permission if under age 18.


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