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  • Q.  "What if I can't be hypnotized?"

  • A.  This is the number one concern of most people. This is not normal hypnosis! In fact when I first began learning about this method, that was a word I didn't even like at all because of the way it has been used for very light states of  trance or even for parlor tricks at parties and for entertainment. No one can hypnotize you or interfere with your mind, only you can allow your mind to relax enough to get healing and answers that normally are eclipsed by your conscious mind.

  • Q.  "Is this the same method as that used to lose weight or quit smoking?"

  • A.  No. Although this method can be used to help with addictions, it is a true healing method for the body and mind. It goes much deeper than making suggestions that you will not have cravings etc. 

  • Q.  "Will I remember the session?"

  • A.  Dolores herself says that human consciousness is changing. She has written 18 books to date about case studies she has done for the last 45 years. It used to be that people would not remember much of anything and would listen to the recording to find out what happened. However in the last few years, people are increasingly remembering most of the session. 

  • Q.  "What if I feel very present during the session, does that mean I wasn't deep enough to have healing?"

  • A.  No. As long as you are willing to be healed and open minded to what is being presented, it makes no difference whether you are fully aware or not.

  • Q.  "What if in the end I feel as if I imagined all of my responses?"

  • A.  It may feel as if your imagination is in control, but it is truly your subconscious bringing issues forward in a way you can understand and relate to.

  • Q.  "What if I fail at this?"

  • A.  You cannot fail. Each session is different, there is always healing to be obtained. People who are more left brained, or linear thinkers may take a bit longer due to their logical mind interfering, but everyone can get healing with this method. Sometimes if there is a large trauma it can take more than one session to fully complete the healing. Your higher self has only your best interest as priority at all times and it the director of the sessions.

  • Q.  "Can children do this method?"

  • A.  At this time I don't recommend this method for children under the age of 16. If there is a very ill child who needs healing, the parent can do it for them as a surrogate and the child need not know or be present.

  • Q.  "What if a person is too sick to have an appointment?"

  • A.  If an adult is too sick to have a session, they may have a loved one be a surrogate for them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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